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Ase Sur Gave

"Ase Sur Gave is my first Marathi album and my first project in Marathi "Sugam Sangeet". The lyrics to the songs are the works of well-known Marathi poets, while the music was composed by Narendra Bhide. Every song on this album has a distinctive flavor to it. Additionally, this album is very versatile, as you will find many different types of songs: devotional songs, folk songs, Lavani, and Indian-Western fusion."


"Arpan was dedicated to my guru, Dr. Alka Deo Marulkar, for her sixtieth birthday. I wanted to dedicate it to her because of my deep connection with her and because it would serve as a commemoration of the years I have spent studying with her. This album consists of a Kabeer Bhajan and three ragas: morning, afternoon, and nighttime ragas."

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